I’d like to announce…

…that Audie nominee CHRISTIAN FOX is the voice of Jonathan in the Control Burn Resist audiobook. Those of you who are wondering how Bundle Two is coming….this is the sexting scene on the plane in BURN.


If you can't see the embedded content, CLICK HERE to go to Soundcloud to hear.

Whisky Jo – AMAZING job voicing and producing.

Kaylee Marie assistant produces and she is fantastic.


  1. marika nespoli says:

    Holy hotness…love love love their voices together!!!! So excited!

  2. Gabby says:

    I read a lot and Jonathan is my favorite character. To have a female read his part would be an injustice to the character. I’m impressed that a male is being used. It keeps the integrity of the story solid.

  3. Kim says:

    I’m currently listening to, while reading the second audible book & Kindle series for Songs of Submission. (Side note: they aren’t coexisting as one like the first audio did《frowns》) Anyway, was wondering if you are currently working on the follow up audio books & if there is a possible release date for them, if so? I’m loving the excuse to revisit 2 of my favorite lovers, friends & soul mates! I just want to keep on going.

  4. CD Reiss says:

    Book one only had one narrator.

    Bundle three is half recorded. No release date yet!