The story of Fiona Drazen.


She a sex-addicted celebutante with 72 hours to prove she's sane.
He's a therapist with three days to analyze her without falling in love.

Her life is exactly the way she wants it, but it's killing her.
His life is exactly how he planned it, and he's dying inside.

She's a prisoner to her addictions.
He's a slave to routine.
Who is the Master here?
Who is the slave?
Who's in control when reality has its own story to tell?
And who is the man she stabbed on the night she forgot everything?

DARK STUFF / NOT SAFE – I mean it. Don't come back to me with your therapy bills.
This is the first part of the full story featured in FORBIDDEN. If you have read Forbidden, you don't have to read this.


A sex-addicted celebutante.
The master she stabbed.
A therapist whose professionalism is about to shatter.

Did she stab him to be free of him?
And free to what?
To whore? Snort? Party?
Or free to be normal?

I mean it, again, if you're sensitive this is not the book for you.


Between a Master and a Priest.
God and Heaven.
Between the choice to live as she desires and the desire to just live, lies a heartbreaking solution that might rip Fiona apart.
If only she can escape the bonds of her freedom.

Eighteen-plus only due to content, language and crazy-ass situations no human being should find themselves in.

This book was released as half of FORBIDDEN. If you read forbidden, you don't need to read the Affluence series.

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