The CD Reiss eBook Survey

Here it is. The survey every author takes when they're wondering….what the hell are romance readers up to?

Where are you reading? Where are you buying? Whatcha got happening?

I aim to find out.

This, for now, is a fan survey, so the prizes are something you will dig. King of code eARCs and a paperback. I may give away more than promised, so don't worry, the odds are ever in your favor. And yes, the paperback is available internationally.

I'm also going to choose one random AUDIO listener for a FREE audiobook of King of Code (but rafflecopter won't let me do that inside the widget so just take my word for it)

If you are a non-US reader, tell me where you're from in the comment part of the survey! I'm going to start tailoring emails for international readers (as much as feasible) so I'd love to get you on the right list.

Pick ONE device/app/website. I know you all are super flexible and will go wherever the books are. Choose only ONE. Choose the site you go to automatically when you want to preorder a hot book, browse for something new, or pick up a new release. The place you personally associate with reading.

If you truly, truly use a couple of these services equally, pick one that is not Amazon.

Obviously, in the end there's no wrong answer 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH for playing.

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