CD Reiss is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn't pick up, she's at the well, hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master's degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere, but it did give her a big enough ego to try her hand at books.

She's been nicknamed the “Shakespeare of Smut,” which is flattering enough for her to put it in a bio, but embarrassing enough for her not to tell her husband, or he might think she's some sort of braggart who's too good to chop a cord of wood.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.


  1. Sondrea says:

    On the homepage, the large banner near the top of the page says Silicon Valley Royalty and says to click for more info. But when it click there, it says page not found. If I go to Books, the books shown on the home page for Silicon Valley Royalty, are listed under American Royalty (which doesn’t seem as fitting given their tech backgrounds). So which series name is correct? The Silicon Valley Royalty shown on the home page, or American Royalty?

  2. a girl has no name says:

    Thank you C.D Reiss for the Forbidden Book Series. You are real. Your writing is flawless and not sugar-coated, i felt what your characters felt, i was once Fiona, a party girl, looking for the next high to drive the pain away, i had my Deacon, he gave me what I needed to deal with the pain of it all. Deacon is a beautiful soul, he used her, she needed him, he had control over her, he wasn’t jealous, he knew she had other lovers, he shared her, he used her as much as she used him, this book describes the haze i was in when i was with my Deacon (he is not mine anymore); a constant state of swirling emotions, pain and pleasure, snuffling out the pain with pleasure, and using men to drive the pain away when they thought they were using you, consenting to everything because you didn’t want extra scarring of non-consensual sex and sexual activity, getting aroused by people you didn’t even like because they were a means to an end, a release. Fooling yourself into thinking you were in control, when really you were spiraling rapidly down a rabbit hole. My Elliot was my lifeline, my Alpha, my Elliot, he was a lion who didn’t see me as a lamb but as a lioness, he saw me as strong, he didn’t see me as just a fucktoy, he saw me as better than i saw myself and he made me wish i had known him sooner, he made me wish all the bad stuff hadn’t happened, he made me wish all men were like him, he made me I wish i was innocent, he made me wish i was pure and worthy of his love, he accepted me and all my baggage, he loved me and taught me how to love myself. My Deacon kept me in a limbo, no better than i had been, he fed my appetite, he saw me no better than i saw myself, he did not value me, he enjoyed me and used me, i never wanted to admit to that before, but he did, he was my Master, and i was a willing whore.
    i’m married to my Elliot now and my heart is filled with so much love for him, sometimes i think it would explode.
    So thank you C.D Reiss for this book. You are the realest writer i have read in a long time.
    Don’t stop writing, you have a gift that should not be hidden. if i could give this book a 100 stars i would.

  3. Bridget Crepeau says:

    I just finished Secret Sins (what a mind blower) and I saw a Sacred Sins as the next book about Margie, but I can’t find it. Where can I order it? I prefer real books but will settle for ebook if I must.

  4. C.D. Reiss says:

    Sorry this took so long to answer. Sacred Sins is being release chapter by chapter to people on my newsletter. You can get on it by clicking the SUBSCRIBE link above

  5. Barb Fetzer says:

    Do you think you’ll continue with Drazen siblings and write about Margie.

  6. C.D. Reiss says:

    I don’t think so.

  7. LBrock says:

    I loved the Drazen books and what to read more about the siblings. I feel like there is even more to tell about on the characters that you already wrote about. I signed up for the newsletters to read Margie story and I am not getting to were I need to go to read the chapters.

  8. Mary Gonnerman says:

    I own everyone of your submission books with Jonathan and Monica. A new three book version was just shown on amazon with a bonus chapter with a convo between Jonathan and Monica that says it answers a lot of questions. Since I own the books, does it just automatically update to this version? Or do people have to purchase again?

  9. Mary Jo Dutcher says:

    I’ve been wanting to read your American Royalty series on my B&N NOOK. But, the B&N website only lists the paperback versions. Will those books ever become available for NOOK?

  10. Shelley Alicz says:

    I read the Submission series before reading Secret Sins, so now I know more about Margie Drazen’s back story but would love to read what happened between the end of Secret Sins and where she is in life during the Submission series. Is there more to her story available? I signed up for the newsletter in hopes to receive the Sacred Sins chapters

  11. C.D. Reiss says:

    I have four chapters up, but I’ve paused while I work on the Edge – I’ll be starting up soon!

  12. C.D. Reiss says:

    I’m sorry. They were on Nook for a few months but had so few sales it didn’t seem to be reaching readers.
    For the time being, I don’t have plans to put them on Nook.

  13. C.D. Reiss says:

    You would have had to purchase for 99c, but when I raised the price I put the bonus chapters up on the website.


  14. C.D. Reiss says:

    I took a few months off from writing them to finish the edge. I’m starting up again soon.

  15. Lesley says:

    I just finished The Edge series, the last two books in the last 24 hours. Greyson’s and Caden’s story was not only a page-turner thriller, but a well thought-out psychological drama about two strong-willed and equal characters who are also very human, with life experiences that many people also deal with. I felt I was a close friend following each on their journey as they battled deep emotions, psychological pain and situations where there seemed to be no way out. It’s also been a long time since I enjoyed all the characters in a book series – proof of a good writer!

  16. C.D. Reiss says:

    THANK YOU 🙂 <3

  17. Dale says:

    Is there going to be a follow up for King of Code? Also, where are the side novels available at regarding Keaton, Raven, Catherine and Chris??

  18. Renee says:

    I love Jonathon and Monica! I am now reading the series again and I heard a song “Great Wide Open” by Thirty Seconds to Mars…Jared Leto….it seems to have been written for Jonathon and Monica. I am enjoying them as much again now as I did the first time I read the series!
    Love your writing!

  19. C.D. Reiss says:

    I have to check it out!

  20. C.D. Reiss says:

    They’re all available!
    Keaton – Prince Charming
    Raven – Prince Roman
    Catherine – White Knight

  21. Shannon says:

    Christine, I’ve been a fan of yours for some time. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your writing genius. I finished Pretty Scars a couple of weeks ago, and decided to go back again and listen to Forbidden. Fiona was the first Drazen I was introduced to, and I’m not gonna lie: she was an eye-opening character to me. Now, after learning about Jonathan, Margie, Theresa, and now Carrie, I feel like I understand Fiona and the whole Drazen world so much better and Fiona’s place in it. I have a couple of questions for you, both of which you’ve likely been asked before: first, are you intending on fleshing out any other Drazen family members in future stories? And last, will you ever write any more about Deacon Bruce? I am intrigued to know what his post-Fiona life turned out to be like, and frankly, everything in his life that shaped him into becoming the complex character he was in Forbidden. That is all. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. I think you are utterly fantastic!!!

  22. C.D. Reiss says:

    Hi Shannon – sorry for the delayed response. Let me see if I can answer your questions.
    1) I have a story for Leanne which I need to write, but may not. I think the Drazens need to be laid to rest for the time being.
    2) I’m not writing Deacon Bruce. You aren’t the only one who wanted to hear more from him, but I got nothin’

    Thank you for reading! and again – sorry.

  23. DONNA BUTLER says:

    Dear Christine, I just downloaded the free first three chapters of Iron Crowne. I also pre-ordered. I just finished the first chapter and already found three typos. I hope these are not in the final book. I love your books and your writing. Please tell your editor(s) they need to do a better job. Good luck.
    Donna Butler

  24. C.D. Reiss says:

    Hey Donna.
    This was an unedited peek.I can’t guarantee a typo-free experience, but there will be many many fewer mistakes.

  25. C.D. Reiss says:

    The chapters are unedited.

  26. Diane Glenn says:

    I read on a nook or through google books. How can i get the Ruin book?

  27. Carissa says:

    Hi Christine, I just finished Secret Sins and Sacred Sins. I loved that I read about Jonathan first, then Theresa (who filled up gaps in Jonathan’s story), then Fiona’s and finally Margie’s which tied up all the loose ends.

    I know you don’t plan to write about Declan, but I’m super curious about 3 things mentioned in Margie’s storyline:
    1. Did he really see Margie as the “chosen one” or was this another one of his manipulations?
    2. He got someone to Kill Strat because he thought he raped/had sex with the underage Margie. When Margie found out the father was actually Drew, did Declan already know? Was this part of the plan to keep Margie away from Indy?
    3. When Margie couldn’t stop laughing after her daddy walked her down the aisle, was it because her father was still giving her a grammar lesson when he was a prisoner, because he still wanted to get someone else to do the dirty work, or because he was still so cryptic?

    I love the dynamics between the Drazen family – can’t wait to get to Carrie’s storyline next. Although I don’t know how empty and disoriented I’ll feel afterward. I already feel that way after reading a single novel, no idea how I’ll feel after reading a 5-part series with so many trilogies.

    Again, thank you for sharing your magic!

  28. Jessica says:

    I love the Drazen family! I read the books so fast that I’m afraid I may have missed some things so I’m going to go back and read them slowly this time! Please finish the other siblings stories. I’d also like to see one about Declan and Eileen as well! Thank you for the amazing stories!

  29. C.D. Reiss says:

    At the moment, they are exclusively on Amazon

  30. Susan Clarke says:

    Hi Christine, I’ve just finished listening to your Crowns series on Audible. I have to tell you that they were suberb! I thoroughly enjoyed them. The characters were so real, their feelings,their conflicts, their emotions, I felt as though I was almost experiencing them myself.
    You are a very talented lady. I have to confess that this series is the first of your work that I have purchased, they will not be the last. I am a fan.
    Listening to them, whilst the weather outside was doing its level best to add a wee bit more frustration to our already level five lockdown frustration here in Ireland due to covid; they helped to lessen that frustration.
    I wish you continued success.

  31. Andrea M Lutz says:

    Hi! Will Mafia Bride continue? I LOVED it! But need more of the story.

  32. Dear Ms. Reiss,
    I am about to publish the second book in my Censored Time Trilogy. Before doing so, I realized I needed to ask your permission to mention your name in the book. Below is the excerpt where your name is mentioned. If it is not okay with you, I understand. I enjoy your books and thought it would be a good touch to have my character’s mother-in-law hand her your book.

    “I didn’t think you did. I have a good book you might want to read. It’s a bit racy, but I’m sure you can handle it.” She handed her a book by C.D. Reiss. “She’s a wonderful storyteller.”
    They sat quietly and read. Missy had been right; it was saucy, but the pace of the book was fast, and the characters popped off the page.

    The book should release October 1. It is still in the hands of my editor. I will wait for your response before sending it on for formatting. Many thanks and I am truly a fan. You were the first established author that responded to a request for a possible review when I was in the infant stage of the whole writing, publishing game. (That was three years ago.) Since then, I have devoured your books…Marriage Games…ah, my fav!

    Faithfully a fan,
    Corinne Arrowood

  33. C.D. Reiss says:

    Perfectly fine! Good luck with the release!

  34. Eng says:

    hello. I love your stories. Have you noticed that when you are describing people of color you make it a point by saying “and this black guy” or “this Asian girl” etc. you never do that with European or generally white people. When you are describing white oriole it seems like your vocabulary expands. Do you realize how racist that is? Love your stories, they are well written but its kind of disappointing too. Sincerely, eng

  35. C.D. Reiss says:

    I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention.
    That’s not good. Let me look at it and make some changes.
    Is there a book in particular where this occurs? It’ll help me fix it faster.

  36. Heather says:

    I have finished the first book of the Crowne series. Great book started the second one and I also have the third are you going to continue the series for the rest of the siblings?

  37. C.D. Reiss says:

    Planning Colton’s book now!