Thirty Days

So, here's something that may surprise you.

I use tarot card readers. I have two. Madison, here in LA, I use for plot development. I tell her about the character, and I ask their future. It's fun, and sometimes I even follow the card's advice. (she's uncanny to the point where I've felt the bottom of my guts drop out of me…she's worth every penny, and she does readings by phone…

For career stuff, and if I need a reading NOW, I use Laura at Purple Moon.

OK so, the point…

I called Laura yesterday on another matter, and then asked her about RUIN. The Hermit card kept coming up. What that told her is that if I want it done by September, I have to be less social.

Now, you'd think any idiot could tell you this, but sometimes, the logic has to meet the illogic before I listen to it, and the truth has to come from little printed pieces of cardboard. I need to get RUIN out in September, because sales are tanking so hard I might get out a tin cup. I need a big September push, and without it, I'm going to end up back in the fashion industry, yelling at people in China about knitting feeders and linking tension. Shoot me.

Like any addict, I immediately resisted the idea that my social media addiction was having a negative impact on my work. I tried to find ways around reducing my Facebook posts and connections. But if I'm going to do this, I have to do it hard.

Thirty days. I need thirty days.

This means there's going to be a serious truncation of my Facebook time. It means even less Twitter and Goodreads. If you follow me on Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest, consider me dead.

I think I'm most terrified that if I turn my back for a month, I'm going to return to crickets.

Please keep the SOS group hot and on topic while I'm away. Kaylee is my point person. She has my phone number and knows how to use it. Tony and Diana will keep the Canaries, as always, and will let you know of any developments. I will post teasers in both of these groups on occasion, because when I come back I want you all to be excited about this high-octane love story.

Now, I'll probably pop in if something happens on my side. I'll be on email, and I won't completely ignore PMs. But I won't do ANY takeovers. No giveaways. I won't be congratulating anyone on their release or doing parties. Forget drama. I already have no tolerance for it, and now I couldn't care less. If Amazon buys Simon and Schuster and burns down Hachette, I don't care to comment.

This starts tomorrow. So if you have something to say….say it now….or hold your peace.

Thanks to Alleskelle for the art.

I'm getting my BEND paperbacks out this week and next. If you got an invoice from FlipCity media, pay it if you want the book!



  1. Kristen says:

    I adore this and your characters! Much love and luck writing! Can’t wait for #Ruin #SongsofPerdition #TeamFiona ~Kristen L.

  2. Lorinda H says:

    If you really really follow through, you will be my work heroine! I am not that bold! But for me, this is sort of like being 6 and waiting for that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. Although Ruin is such a better gift than any art kit or Barbie could ever be! Love you!

  3. Kimberly Addison says:

    Do what you gotta do woman! We’ll leave the light on for ya! Much love!!

  4. Dawn says:

    I’ve bought every book of yours I could find …. lol so write on and roll on September 🙂