Shuttergirl. Live. Everywhere.

I am not hurt.

I don’t need a second chance with him, or a life I thought I had.

While he was out forgetting me to become a movie star, I was building a career out of nothing. A career as a paparazzi, but a career. For a foster kid who bounced around every home in Los Angeles, that wasn’t easy.

This camera is all I have.

He’s nothing to me. Every time I take his picture and sell it, I remind myself that I did it all without him or his approval, his cinnamon smell or his lithe body. He can light up the screen like a celestial body, but he’s nothing to me.

He can throw my camera off a balcony, and nothing has to change. We can stay king and queen of the same city, and different worlds.

Except this is Hollywood, and here, anything can happen.



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I am so happy with the response to Shuttergirl, and I cannot wait to send Michael and Laine out into the world, because who doesn’t swoon over a second chance at love?

It’s a new genre for me, and I’m exploding with excitement, so I’ve dropped some fantastic reasons for readers to get the book right away.

Congratulations Angela Gordon!

$500 Spa Gift Card

If you could get an hour, or ten away from the daily grind of paparazzi and interviews (or the job and kids), what would you do?

Get a foot rub/slash/pedicure? A massage? Maybe something called a Sleep Treatment that right now sounds better than sex?

Maybe you’d bring a friend or two, or maybe you’d just get a manipedi when you wanted one. Because the life of a megastar ain’t for the weak-willed or lazy, and running from paparazzi can really wear down a girl’s nails.

Woodhouse Spas are no joke. They’re all over the country and they’re….sigh. Fabulous. But if you don’t live near one, we can do Burke Williams, Halcyon Days or Red Door.

The link to the quiz is in the back of the book, and yes, that’s the ONLY place to find it! There are bonus questions relating to Jonathan and Antonio for extra prizes. You have until June 3rd to enter! That gives you a solid two weeks to read the book and get your chance at a $500 movie star spa treatment!

If you are a paperback reader, email me and we’ll work it out.


  1. Donna Montgomery says:

    I have really been looking forward to the Shuttergirl release. Love your books. Thank you for all your books!

  2. Mamacita says:

    So is there a possibility that shuttergirl could turn into a series of book or possibly Laine & Michael showing up in future books? Love your characters all so much don’t wanna say goodbye.

  3. Ruth L says:

    I’ve read several of your books and after Shuttergirl, I’m making it a mission to read them all. I loved how brave these two great characters were. I hope for an epilogue. But most importantly, bravo! Great job and I am looking forward to the next CD Reiss.

  4. Ashley Harden says:

    Loved this story and the way it’s written! Great characters and I even loved the fact its not erotica. A great love story under the stars of Hollywood – something everyone dreams of at some point. Screw the epilogue -GIVE US A SERIES!!! Would love to see where these two end up and how they navigate through their very different career paths together – united!!

  5. Laina G says:

    Sounds intriguing!! I’ll have to take a look at this book!

  6. Wilmarie says:

    Loved Shuttergirl!!! Loved more of Jonathan and Monica!!! All I really need right now is more Fiona!!!

  7. Marie Jocke says:

    Loved Shuttergirl! Congratulations!!!!!!

  8. Tami Schafer says:

    I have not read your books yet but I did go get one have not had time to read it yet tho! CANT WAIT

  9. Jayne says:

    Loved Shuttergirl!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  10. Victoria Alexander says:

    sounds like a great book!! 🙂

  11. Tonya Coleman says:

    This sounds like a good one!

  12. Crystal B says:

    Time for a CD Reiss binge read!

  13. Michele Ficht says:

    Just got Shuttergirl and I can’t wait to read it.

  14. Marcy Meyer says:

    Can’t wait to read this! It looks great! Love the cover too!

  15. Sue LeB says:

    Looks like an awesome book!

  16. Anna Bergman says:

    Love it! Congrats!

  17. Katie M says:

    Just read the songs of submission series and looking forward to reading this one!!

  18. Barbara says:

    Sound great. Can’t wait to read! 🙂

  19. Jennifer O'Connell says:

    Added to my TBR! Can’t wait to read this!

  20. Lee Todd says:

    congrats on the new release

  21. Debbie Kolins says:

    Will add to my TBR!!

  22. Eva LeNoir says:

    Love you, my friend, as well as all your books 🙂

  23. Ruth Muller says:

    CD, you are awesome! I’m reading Shuttergirl next and I can’t wait for Rule!!

  24. sheila shepherd says:

    Congrats on your Shameless Books nomination!

  25. kimberley tremblay says:

    Canary here!!! Voted for the Submission series & Shuttergirl in the Shameless Book Awards <3

  26. Jenny Dauksa Schaber says:

    I admire your talent so much. Thanks for giving us so many great reads.

  27. John Thuku says:

    I haven’t read Shuttergirl but I would love to. It sounds intriguing.

  28. Miranda J says:

    Loved this one. 🙂 Hope you win an SBC award!! <3

  29. Heike says:

    Love your books!

  30. crystal S says:

    just added to my tbr list

  31. Linda says:

    Got my copy, =) Can´t wait to start reading!
    Happy Monday!

  32. Alexandra A says:

    LOVE ShutterGirl <3

  33. Kate I. says:

    Sorry I missed the giveaway … I would love a weekend spa getaway with little on the agenda but pampering treatments and reading. Looking forward to more more MORE of your work!

  34. Emily M says:

    LOVE your books! 🙂

  35. Kim Perry says:

    I loved Shuttergirl!!

  36. Timitra says:

    Sounds good

  37. Tina B says:

    This sounds like an intriguing story. I haven’t read many that feature actors and none with paparazzi. 😉

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    Looking forward to read Shuttergirl! It’s on top of my TBR 🙂

  39. Merelyn Reads says:

    Loved this book!! 🙂

  40. Merelyn Reads says:

    This is awesome!! Thanks! 🙂

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