A Word on Scumbags and Their Scumbaggery

Rumor has it that an *unauthorized* scene or two of Fifty Shades of Grey is being shared by bloggers and authors.
By *unauthorized* I mean **PIRATED**


Bitches. Do not do that. My book Ruin was shared a week before release and guess what? It hurt me. Hurt me bad. It hurt my business and yeah, it hurt my fucking feelings. If some scumbag (and yes, you are a scumbag) wants to pirate it or distribute it without permission, that's between them and God. When you share it or encourage it in any way then it's between YOU and God.

And I'll shun you. Maybe you care about that and maybe you don't. It doesn't matter what an IP pirate thinks of me. But you're out. Oh-You-Tee.

ADDED: LOOK, I got you all saying you didn't know and yeah I hear you. But here are some clues for the future.

1) If a video is grainy and shitty, it's probably pirated.

2) If there's no front cap – the big red or green screen that shows the MPAA rating, it's pirated.

3) If the music does not begin and end in a way that bookends the trailer, it's pirated.

4) If Jamie Dornan's ass is hanging out, common sense dictates it's pirated.

So don't do it. Not to books, not to music, not to movies. I'm excited too, but guys, right is right and wrong is wrong. And I'm sorry, we all have lines, and that is some shit I will not cross. Fans don't steal.

(I know you're human and you looked. But the sharing. The sharing boils my fucking blood red hot)

Bossy rant over.

I love you. Really. Don't feel guilty on my account. Shit, I would have looked too, but I'm in a *no FSoG zone* because I want to experience it first hand.

So if you looked, well, it's your movie experience to ruin. If you shared, you should take it down. Because like I said, it's between you and who you want to see in the mirror in the morning.


  1. marie says:

    I’m sharing this. Thanks for the tips. Piracy sucks.

  2. Marianna says:

    THANK YOU!!! Just another reason why I love your ass. When I saw these this morning I was so pissed. I was lucky enough to be at the NYC screening last week and I considered it an honor. So when they requested we turn off all devices, I fucking did it. Obviously there were some people there who feel like they can do whatever the hell they want. Not only is it just plain shitty, but it spoils that scene for those people still waiting to see the movie. And it makes all us social media folk / bloggers look bad and unprofessional. Meh. I want to twat punch people right now.

  3. cindy says:

    I love you and support every word you put into this article.

  4. Staci says:

    I’m sharing this too

  5. Klaudia says:

    love your guts and that brain you think with. Knowledge is power! Damn you scumbags.