Perdition isn’t for pussies.

You know. Perdition isn't for pussies. It's really dark. It's written without rules. And it's written without rules because Fiona doesn't have any. It's about what happens to a soul without grounding, so I ripped the grounding out of the story. Which is usually something I'd say is a BAD IDEA and a little too conceptual to hook the “average reader.”

I mean, I've not just disregarded, but flouted every single dramatic rule I tripped over as I wrote it.

My heroine is a sex-addicted celebutante. She does drugs. She has more money than she knows what to do with. She lashes out at people with real violence. Does she even have morals? We don't know.

One hero is a sadist who lets his woman fuck around because *it doesn't bother him,* and the other just might break a sacred trust to pursue this worthless, wanton heiress.

The structure is all over the motherfucking place. We're here, we're there, it's now, it's the past. We're stuck in a mental institution. We hear about the outside world, but never see it. The demon in USE isn't even part of the present day narrative. She's part of another story entirely.

The covers don't have white people almost kissing. No hot abs. No skin at all. They're paintings of trees. Right? Did you hear me? TREES.

And no one, not one of you has said “Christine, you jumped the shark with this one.” I've never heard, “You really should go mainstream.”

You goddesses are not only sticking by me, but supporting me.

I'm so very lucky to have you all. Thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. And if you came here directly from Perdition, thank you especially, and welcome.


  1. Christine says:

    I LOVE Jonathan, loved Submission, reread it multiple times and still love it and I have to say I am not a fan of the novella. I don’t think I will ever outgrow my impatience with a serial or novella, but for this author the pain is worth it.

    I now find myself enthralled with Perdition and it is glorious. May not be what all my friends are reading, but it is gritty in the best sense.

    Its too early to decide if I will love Deacon or Elliot, I am sure as you intended. Thank you for this series (when is the next one coming out!) and for creating something interesting, and uncomfortably addictive. Really…it’s wicked good.

  2. cdreiss says:

    Thanks So Much Christine! (That’s my name)
    Have you tried The Corruption Series?
    I say so because I don’t know when the next Fiona book is coming out. 🙂

    Also, doing Coda right now and so excited!