Hot Redheads

I know, redheads are tough.

But I think if you don't think of candy apple red, and stick to blonde/brown and all permutations in between, you can find someone who can slip nicely into Jonathan's skin.

For instance—

cole houser

Some of my FB fans dig Cole Hauser and I admit, he exudes dominance.


I have some FB peeps who like Ewan. IMHO…not dominant enough. But the heart wants what the heart wants.


I put him twice because though I love this picture, I hate the pinstripe jacket
(What is he saying here? Obviously he's saying, “On your knees, little goddess”)

Michael Fassbender was my  original inspiration.

Michael Fassbender was my original inspiration.






  1. winny says:

    Hi there, I’m sure you have been asked this plenty already – so I signed up for the POV’s via your website – so should I have already received a POV? I’m trying to figure out how to become a member of your “canaries clan ” – Thanks again & btw the 1st istallment rocked!

  2. cdreiss says:

    Hi Winny,

    You’ll get anything coming out in the future. To get what’s been sent out already, go to my facebook page or goodreads group and someone will take care of you

  3. cdreiss says:

    Hi In order to enter the canaries group, you have to register for goodreads. it’s a great site. I’m a member of the group but not the moderator. It’s 100% fan owned and operated.