BURN – book 5 in Songs of Submission is out now



Here's how it's going to be, Goddess.  Until you surrender yourself to me fully, I will not touch you.

Until the world can know you belong to me, I will not kiss you.

I'm going to be inches away, at your side. I'm going to whisper in your ear and put my breath on your neck, but the heat of my skin will not feel the shudder of yours until you commit yourself to me completely and without reservation

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  1. Brittian Coker says:

    I want to purchase the next books after “Beg Tease Submit”. However I do not have a Kindle or any other reader. Are these titles published in paperback? The first set as referenced is such a compelling read so what can I do now? I have been reading for pleasure since I could read and avidly all these years. To Ms. Riess: Applause! Applause!
    Every good wish! M. B. Coker

  2. Molly says:

    I want to buy songs of submission book five
    For my nook is it out

  3. cdreiss says:

    Hi Molly – OMG I have to put book 5 on nook. I am so sorry! I let it slide.

  4. cdreiss says:

    Hi Molly – it’s out for the Nook right now. Go check 🙂