I know it's a lot of text, but I have a lot to tell you!

I cannot wait for the Paris signing! Meeting all of you and giving a heartfelt merci! in person is going to be AMAZING!

This page is for the Paris signing ONLY. If you’re not going to the Paris signing, there’s nothing here for you. I’m sorry. I’ve decided that I can do a lot by myself, but I cannot run an online store. Nothing in this store is for sale EXCEPT what’s on this page, and you can only pick it up in Paris. Don’t test me. I’ll refund your money so fast your head will spin.

Okay. So.

As a human on the Earth, you’ve probably noticed the global pandemic.

As a reader, you may have noticed that paper books have gotten more expensive.

As an online consumer, you may have noticed long shipping delays.

As a writer and businessperson, I’ve been acutely aware of all of the above, and that as affected how I’m running the bookselling at the RARE Paris signing.

There are three ways to get my books at the signing:

  1. Buy them here, from me. Pay ahead of time. I’ll bring them and sign them when you come to my table. These books are sold AS IS. They’ve been in my garage, and though there’s no water damage or anything really bad, some have a bent corner or some tiny whateverish thing wrong. This is what it is, but luckily this isn’t your only option.
  2. Buy them from your retailer of choice and have them shipped to you. If you want something you don’t see here, you’ll have to do that anyway. Bring them to my table and I’ll sign them.
  3. I will have extra hardcovers of BEG, as shown. You can buy them at the table as long as supplies last.


If you're looking for these, you can get them from Amazon. I put them all on one page you can access with the button.


I’ll have bookmarks from the Hardball days and some “Woman of Grace” stickers.

I’ll have notebooks for sale.

I will otherwise be swagless.

I want you to come to my table. I’d love to sell you some books, but you don’t have to buy anything. There are no more hugs. If you want a picture, we’ll figure something out, but I can’t stand close to you for the shot. Come and say bonjour anyway.

TMI: I’m not afraid I’ll die of Covid, but if I get sick, I’ll miss my daughter competing in her State Championships. This would be unacceptable. And bad. And heartbreaking. If she misses it because she’s sick, I’m going to be angry. Covid robbed her of her place at the May, 2020 championships, and she’s worked very hard to get to states in 2022.
So, I beg you…don’t be insulted if I won’t get close to you.

ADDENDA: I have a box of 20 Nanny in Hollywoods (German Bombshell) somewhere, but I can’t find them. If you want this, shoot me an email at Christine@cdreiss.com. If I find the box, I’ll contact you.

ADDENDA DEUX: Wondering where Contrôle, brule, résiste is? Well, je ne sais pas. If you want a whole set you can probably get book 2 from a regular book retailer.

ADDENDA TROIS: The entire Corruption Series is available in French, German, and Italian from Grey Eagle Publishing. You can get it on Amazon and other retailers.