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Complete Submission Gold-Encrusted Hardcovers


Submission, Domination, Connection (the original titles) with Art Nouveau foil on fab leather with the most swoony and sexy quotes all over them. Three-color foil slipcase. Custom endpapers. Sprayed edges. Fancy chapter headings and volume breaks.

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The Limited Edition Hardcover Set of Complete Submission

  • Submission, Domination, Connection (AKA One Night with Him, One Year with Him, One Life with Him*)
  • Trim Size: 5.5 X 8.5
  • Each individual book is gold stamped on fab-leather (FABricated leather, get it?)
  • The slipcase has printing on spine, top, and both sides.
  • Each book has gold-sprayed edges.
  • Ultraluxe Art Nouveau aesthetic


* The (second) original titles for these books were Submission, Domination, and Connection. But Amazon did not like that, and both suppressed the books in search and banned them from advertising. So I changed them to One Night With Him, One Year With Him, and One Life With Him. They are still suppressed and I still cannot advertise them.

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