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Blood Bride Release

This release is mission critical for me. I love this book and concept too much to just release it and go to bed. Like, it's MAFIA VAMPIRES. My fucking blood runs faster when I just say that, and I think about Carmine, the stake in his heart, and Luna's empathy and how it undercuts her profound need to connect. And the bloodlust. And Carmine's Magic Sex Venom. And the mad caper into the 14th Street Colonia Dome in book 2. (IYKYK)

I love this so much that I designed a special edition hardcover that I'm offering BEFORE release, because I want everything to be beautiful and rich, just like this book. I want it all to be PERFECT.

So, I need an unbelievable amount of help. It's just me over here, and so if you've got some time and you can share, review, shout, or strongarm, I will be happy to send you some swaggish goodies. I just need to know who you are, where you spend most of your social media time, and where to send my gratitude.

Blood Bride will be on Kickstarter first as a special edition hardcover/normal paperback/audiobook. The cover reveal will be on the Kickstarter prelaunch page. So, you have to be willing to send folks there. The campaign will open some time around mid-June and end in mid-July. ARCs will go out some time after that. A day after? A week? I don't know. The book will release in Kindle Unlimited during some fungible length of time after the ARCs go out.

The first thing you'll need to know is what I don't know. I don't know the release date or cover reveal date. I don't know when ARCs are going out, and I don't know how those readers will be chosen (except that I'm not doing the choosing).

I have a sequence of steps but the rhythm of those steps depends on a bunch of different factors I'm keeping in my head.

If you can be flexible and turn on a dime, you're my kind of people, and I'd love your help.

Where have you posted reviews?

What's your favorite thing to do?

I can't figure out how to have a blank field you can add to, so if there's a social media platform I've missed, or you want to point me to something special that you do, I'm leaving you this sweet-ass blank field right here.

You going to Book Bonanza or nah?

I may, at some point, ask you for your address so I can send you something fantastic. I don't have a question. I just stuck this in here to see if you're paying attention.

How do you want to participate?

Besides basically nonexistent, how would you describe your relationship to vampires?