One Night With Him smarter Q cdreissq


Every once in a blue moon a book reaches in and grabs you when you’re least expecting it. For an avid reader it’s a shooting star or a total eclipse, a rare and beautiful gift given to you by the blood sweat and tears of the Author. A story so compelling that you feel like you know the characters personally.

Jonathan Drazen’s my billionaire boss…or he was, until he fired me.

Now he wants to make a bet.

If I win, he’ll give me enough money to not care about this waitressing job.

If he wins, I’m completely and utterly his for the night, then I walk away from his dark past and his hot demands.

I shouldn’t walk away.

I should run.

But when Jonathan Drazen wants something, he gets it, and after one night, he wants me.



Previously released as Beg Tease Submit and Sub mission

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