Sacred Sins


SACRED SINS will be released Nov 20th in its entirety!

I've let you down.

Margie's story was something I always intended to write, but I effed it up.

I was one of the first 1,001 Dark Nights Discovery Authors. This was back when they wanted an original story from us that linked to a previous series.

I gave them Margie, but I couldn't get the whole story into a novella, so I did half the story and left it at a place that would satisfy new readers. I released it myself as Secret Sins (which was part of the deal) and then…the second half never happened.

In addition, Secret Sins didn't sell that well, probably because my readers knew it wasn't the whole story.

Now I have wonderful, respectful, dedicated fans who I've left hanging. I've promised the second half for a year and I finally took it off my schedule, removed Secret Sins from retailers, and tried to move on.

Well, that was messed up.
And as messed up as it is, I can't put the second book on my schedule.


Here's what I can do.
And this is exciting to me.

1) I'm going to put Secret Sins back up –> GET IT HERE.
2) I'm going to release Sacred Sins FREE via my newsletter, a chapter at a time.

The email version will be unedited. I'm going to go full CD Reiss and tell the story out of order. Since I won't have it in front of me as a whole, and since it dovetails with Jonathan's story, there will be timeline screw ups. CALL THEM OUT! This may have to be a team effort.

I guarantee that you will have an accurate emotional story with an ending that you will LOVE.

If I can, I will have the complete book edited and corrected, and I'll put it up at retailers, or on KU (after a brief stint on ibooks/nook) to keep the cost to you low.

If this is interesting to you, PLEASE sign up for my mailing list, and OPEN the emails or the gremlins stop putting them in your inbox. Add and to your contacts.


Start reading by choosing a chapter, below:


  1. Lelia says:

    Awesome and thanks

  2. Lisa says:

    You know this book has driven me crazy! Yes! I want the rest of the storyline! Thank you Goddess

  3. Rhonda says:

    Well life happens and we have to do what we need at the time. Sounds like an awesome way to read it.

  4. deecee says:

    I finished secret sins about a month or so ago and was patiently (tappng my foot) waiting for sacred sins because of that ‘blow my head off’ cliffhanger. i do believe i’m on your email list (i LOVE your work so I should be) but just in case…

    • C.D. Reiss says:

      Soooo, I stopped sending out the emails because I’m actually writing the book straight through!
      November 20 release.
      Available for preorder everywhere 🙂

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