Rough Edge cdrsbpr11

“The Suspense the WTF & OMG is off the charts. Caden definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat…” — Amo's Book Corner

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Marriage Games, a deeply intense and sexy series.


Everything is going to be perfect.

Greyson comes home from deployment to live the life she and her husband Caden dreamed of. He has a surgical residency and she has a psychiatric practice in the basement of their Manhattan brownstone.

Everything is going to be fine.

Caden loves his wife more than he can measure. But soon after she comes home, he starts hearing whispers. Someone else loves her. Someone else wants her. There’s someone else, and though whoever’s behind the whispers will move mountains to have her, Caden will move heaven and earth to keep her.

Everything is going to hell.

Greyson will never break her vows, even as their marriage snaps apart one piece at a time. Even as the line between dreams and reality blurs. Even as Caden demands control and Greyson cedes it, she will never, ever turn her back on him.

When their marriage crumbles, love becomes the one thing holding them together.


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    Cannot find preorder on Amazon.

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