Podcast test #1

Podcast test #1

This sounds like utter shit. But pick a musical logo and respond on Twitter or here (if the comments even work).

Also – I have to admit I feel like I sound better on my kitchen table.

Also – room tone. I have to get it and figure out how to use it.



  1. Mary says:

    Option one, I thought the music is more reflective of who I think you are, but it went on too long.
    Option two, it was ok but not special.
    Option three, not sure why but I like it the best and the music has a playfulness that you sometimes show in your Facebook videos.

    I will say, when it comes to listening to podcasts, and I listen to them a lot, it is small about the editing. If you start down to many rabbit holes and don’t make your point I will fast forward to the end. If it isn’t tightly edited, where the “ums, ahs,” and pauses while you gather your thoughts are not edited out, I just get frustrated and I fast forward to the end. Tell me what you are doing to tell me, tell me and then tell me what to expect for the next time. I would rather the podcasts not go longer than 30 minutes.

    Enough, but thank you for asking.

    • C.D. Reiss says:

      Ok so I did edit out some umming and breathing and that tongue-clicking thing. I can totally take out more.
      I also have a 22-30 minute goal 🙂

      Thank you for telling me what you think.

  2. MS Parker says:

    Recording i the closet is probably best because it mutes the sound. All the clothes hanging the closet help. You need to edit out tongue clicking int he first take. I would not recommend sitting at the kitchen table. I took some voice acting classes (4) here where I live in Las Vegas so I could speak my own audio books. They explain how to make a little recording studio in your closet. I like how ou spoke your name the third time the best for pacing but not for sound quality in the kitchen. MS Parker/Eve Carter

  3. Kelly says:

    I think it sounded better in the kitchen. Although I liked all three options, option 3 was my favourite. It’s cheerful, attention grabbing, and not too long. I think it goes well with your personality.

  4. Stacey says:

    Option #2 for your voice
    Option #3 for the music

    This is fun!