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(bonus scene)


CD Reiss

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He made me wait.

He always made me wait when he was serious and the longer I waited, the more serious he was. I thought, as I waited on the bed with my cheek to the bedspread and my ass in the air, that he was making me wait longer than ever. The anticipation made the backs of my legs tingle. I wanted to touch myself. At first I thought, just to see how wet I was, but he’d know and he’d punish me by not letting me come.

He said nothing when he finally entered the room. He stood by me. I couldn’t see him. I could only feel his presence, hear his breath, his intentions.

He laid his hand on my lower back and pressed down. It was the standard correction. My ass was never high enough.

“Thank you,” I said.

He stood and undid his belt.

“Thank me later. Get on your back and open your legs. Knees up. I want to see that cunt.”

I did it. He positioned himself on the foot of the bed, where I could see him between my legs. Half-open shirt and cock-strained trousers. Belt looped in his right hand. Watch and wedding ring on this left.

I almost came just looking at him. And when he reached over and pulled my legs wider apart, I lost myself in a rush of sensation.

“Did you just come?” he asked.

“I’m sorry.”

He shook his head. “You’re going to hurt for that.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Open your mouth.” I did, and he put the belt in it.

“You know I don’t do toys,” he said, running his hands over the length of my inner thigh, engaging just enough nail to wake up the skin. “Toys are for children. But sometimes I have to make allowances for safety.”

He sat on the bed next to me and held up an oddly-shaped glass bulb about two inches long.

“Do you know what this is?”

“Yes. It’s a butt plug.” I said it around the belt, and it sounded like a series of grunts.

“I don’t want to be gentle, but I don’t want to harm you either. This is the solution. And I can’t makeshift one out of stuff I see around because I don’t want to take you to the hospital when something breaks inside you.”

He took the belt out. I had enough time to lick my lips before he grabbed my cheeks, forcing my mouth open, and put the butt plug in it.

“Get that wet for me.”

I rolled my tongue around the slick glass, and he put it in, pressing my tongue to the bottom of my mouth. I puckered my lips around the narrow part, sucking until the flat stopper pressed against my lips like a pacifier.

Jonathan went back to the foot of the bed and looped the belt back up. I held my legs open with my hands.

“Now, first. The original issue. You’re mine. When you let someone else get to you, you deny me my ownership. That is not acceptable.”

He tapped my inner thigh with the belt.

“I own you. I can get inside you. I can hurt you. I own your pain. No one else.”

The first thwack to my inner thigh came without warning, and it was as hard as he’d ever hit me. I screamed into the glass bulb and rolled.

“On your back Monica. Take your medicine.”

I rolled back and gingerly spread my legs. He whacked the other side. I screamed again and tears rolled down my face.

He waited, ever patient, until I got back to center. He yanked my legs apart.

“Don’t roll again. You stay on your back and you show me what’s mine—only mine—to hurt.”

I spread my knees, biting the thin part of the plug. The places he whacked still stung, even when he put two fingers inside me, the pain didn’t go away. It just moved up a level to a layer of pleasure, and I groaned into the plug when he twisted his fingers inside me.

“You’re fucking soaked.”

He ran his fingers twice over my clit, and I almost came again.

“Oh no, Goddess. You still need to be punished for that.”

He stepped back and I braced myself for what was to come. His face was deep in concentration and arousal, lids hooded, lips apart slightly. His pleasure was mine as much as mine was his.

On that realization, he pulled his arm back and rained three strikes to my left, and when I screamed and twisted he pulled me back, spreading my legs and giving me three on the right.

I couldn’t see him through my tears. He pulled the plug out of my mouth, leaving a trail of cry spit between us.

He made nothing of my sobbing. He owned it. If he didn’t want me to cry, I wouldn’t be crying.

“Open your ass for me.”

I put my hands over my ass, and pulled the cheeks apart. He pulled me open with his fingers, looked at what he had to work with, and pressed the plug to my ass.

“How you doing, goddess?”

“Okay,” I sobbed.

“Do you remember your safeword?” He pushed the plug in. It was wider than it looked, and my asshole stretched out.

“Ah! Hurts!”


“Tangerine and fuck you.”

“Breathe, brat,” he said, jamming it in, then out so the widest part stretched me.

I breathed, and he stroked my clit slowly, then kissed it. My body relaxed when his lips touched me, and when his tongue flicked it, my back arched with pleasure.

The plug slid in and stayed.

“Legs down. Get on all fours. Let me see.”

When I pressed my legs together, I felt the welts. They were shockingly painful, yet I felt a rush of happiness and well-being when they stung.

Behind me, I heard the rustle of clothing. He was getting naked. Bless him. Bless him bless him he was going to fuck me. I closed my eyes and let the wash of contentment run through my veins.

He ran his hands through my hair, grabbed a fistful and twisted my head to him. He looked at my face, as if checking on me. Satisfied, he got a knee on the bed.

“Open your mouth. It gets fucked first.”

I opened up. I had no choice. I wanted nothing more than his cock in my throat.

I took it. All of it, looking up at him. He pushed all the way down, pumping my face five times before pulling out so I could breathe.

“Safe word? You got it?”

“I know it.” I said, then opened my mouth for him.

He gripped my hair hard. “Good.” He shoved my face onto his cock and fucked my throat, pulling away long enough for me to breathe or safe out, then fucked my mouth again. I was panting when he finally stopped.

“Good girl. Would you like to come?”

“Yes, please.”

“I’m going to punish you for the first time you came. Are you ready?”


He pushed me onto my back and opened my legs. He slid his hand between them, rubbing me with four fingers, then he slid them inside.

“Oh, God.”

The next thing was a surprise, the slap right on my cunt was painful and sharp, causing me to scream. It blossomed into a hint of pleasure.

“You get three. That was one. Count.”

He slapped it.


Again, and hard. My back arched and I cried out. “Three!”

“You’re so fucking good,” he growled, moving his hands over me. “Look at me. I love you. Come now.”

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. Not when he stroked me like that. I’d been bursting before he even touched me, so on his third stroke my ass clenched and the pain of the welts disappeared as I came into his hand.

I came off the high when he pulled the plug out of my ass. I gasped.

He reached for his night table drawer and got out a washcloth and lubricant. The plug went into the washcloth, the lube went all over my ass.

I put my hands in his hair and turned to my side. He got up on his knees and put my right leg over his right shoulder.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Yes, please. Do it hard. Make it hurt.”

He did, thrusting his huge cock in my ass in two strokes. It stretched me to the point of pain just the way I liked, but it wasn’t the same sharpness as I felt when he fucked it without a plug. I was full. Too full. Breaking softly around his cock.

“How is that?” he asked, leaning over my bent leg to kiss my cheek.

“Fuck. So good. So fucking…my God.”

His hips moved faster, deeper, pushing into my ass. He flicked my clit, and even though I’d just come, the rising tide of another orgasm filled me.

He put his face to my cheek and owned me, gasping in my ear. His right arm was looped under my right leg, and he flicked my clit. Not one part of my body wasn’t aware of his presence.

I owned him. I made this beautiful man gasp in my ear. His pleasure was mine, and my pain was his.

“Hurt me, Jonathan. Hurt—”

He pinched my clit and I screamed. Pain drove through me, and the orgasm was so powerful, such a braid of sensation from both ends of the spectrum that I nearly lost consciousness. My ass clenched, pulsing around him.

“Yes. That.” He grunted and thrust deep, stilled in his release.

When he took the last gasp, I rolled onto my back and he slid his dick out of me.

“You’re amazing,” he said, kissing my face. His cheeks were rough and I enjoyed the scratchy sensation. “Literally. You amaze me. How good you are.”

“I love you.”

“I adore you.” One last peck on the lips, and he stood up, holding his hand out. “Let me take care of you.”


After the shower he sat me on the cold marble vanity and had me spread my legs with my heels on the edge of the counter. The welts inside my thighs were an angry red and looking at them made me want to get fucked again.

“I did a number on you,” Jonathan said, rubbing a soothing cream over them. His touch was firm and gentle, healing and arousing.

“I needed it.”

“I was saving your cunt for last.”

“Take it.”

He carried me into the bedroom and made love to me, healed me, brought me back to center. No one could hurt me with this man at my side.


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A word of explanation:

I promised you a hot short. And I had every intention of writing you exactly as much as you see here. A 12 page sex scene. Ask anyone who writes erotica for a living, that’s a LOT of sex.

But, after writing RULE, (which, by the way THANK YOU for loving it the way you all did) I was so pent up, so wiped out, so drained, that I wanted nothing more than to slip into the world of Jonathan and Monica and just kind of like….live there for a couple of weeks.

The result is about 100 pages. A novella. I just kept making the story deeper and wider and then…you know, there it was. Laurelin made me add another thousand words and I just can’t send that much off to an email list. It’s a behemoth for that purpose. So I’m going to put it up on all retailers with a 99c preorder price. 2.99 after the first few days.

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