Cutting Edge cdrsbpr14

There’s a war going on.

You need to pay attention to your job, not the surgeon. Not his sky-blue eyes or the confidence in his hands. Not the smile under his mask or the way it fits on his jaw.

Eight days of casualties. Eight days of hell.

Then you are the casualty.

You are the one he’s standing over. The one who can save you.

And as sure as the sky stretches from horizon to horizon, you love him.

But this is a war, and love doesn’t blossom in a war. Not without sacrifice.


This is a Prequel to the Edge Series. It features the same couple. the same Alpha hero, the same rock-solid heroine.


  1. Katina Walker says:

    Thank you for this prequel. It gave us a big insight to Caden and Greyson and their relationship. I read it over and then started Cutting Edge.

  2. SUE RILEY says:

    Thank you so much for this. I hot-footed it over to get it but sadly, ‘Cutting Edge’ isn’t listed anywhere as an eBook, not on Amazon, which only lists it as a paperback and not on Kobo at all. The link given goes to ‘Rough Edge’.

  3. Heather Mcdonnell says:

    I can’t locate the prequel? I don’t see it free? And it’s not showing on Amazon UK?

  4. kim says:

    It’s not popping free for me. Even it says read for freee???

    • C.D. Reiss says:

      It should be free everywhere. If you’re not in the US maybe it’s taking a little more time?

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