Complete Submission on iBooks – Why The Hell Did I Do That?



So, word got out.
I'm currently offering all eight Submission Series books in a tidy little 99c bundle on iBooks called Complete Submission. (links below) All the Dominance stories are in order of release. Three unedited chapters of Coda are in the back and I'm faced with some questions.

To get Complete Submission – go here –>

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I want to make a dent in iBooks. I want to attract their readership, and iBooks offered a promotion in return for an exclusive set. iBooks is a fast-growing market and if I focus all my efforts into Amazon I'm going to end up at their beck and call. I love Amazon, but they've passed me up for a few things so I think I need to get the hint and start dating other people.

Why did you put Coda in the back?

Because Coda is on preorder at iBooks, and I want people to snap it up.

How long will it be around?

My intention was to run the 8-book bundle for a week and pull it. I might wait two weeks.

Will you do the same on Amazon?

No, I won't. I might release the bundle at a higher price, with the three Coda chapters, for a super limited time. But I might not. Here's the thing. I don't want my fans spending over 99c for books they already have, to read three chapters three weeks early. That would hurt me. I suggest that if you want to read them early, you get that shit from iBooks at 99c.

If I feel like people are unhappy, I'll figure something out.

What about Nook?

Nook can kiss my lily white ass. Sorry. They have done nothing but hide my books and ignore me. I'm not doing this shit without someone from the retailer making sure I have placement.

Fine. Can I read something I buy on iBooks on my Kindle?

No, but you can read it on an Apple device or computer. I know that's obvious and annoying.

If you absolutely, positively, cannot get this thing on a Mac or iOS device, can you leave a comment below? And if that's the case, I strongly suggest you get on the mailing list by clicking the tab above. This is the only way I'll be able to let you know how I'm handling this.

To get Complete Submission – go here –>

To preorder Coda – go here –>


  1. nicole brandt says:

    I am an amazon user and completely understand the need for marketing on ibooks. I think its a very smart move! Good luck and ill be buying coda when its released.

  2. Elizabeth-Jo (Lisa) Hirsh Stephenson says:

    I don’t do i/Apple/Mac. It’s a limited market, albeit a BIG one, I perfer to have the WHOLE world available to me and I’ve managed pretty well with that thus far using Androids, etc.! However, I am on the Mailing List so I’m good! I’ll anxiously wait the extra three weeks for CODA and avoid S.O.S. in the interim to dodge any Spoilers. I have to say though, if anything could even remotely sway me towards “i” stuff, it might be this CODA but I don’t think I have the wherewithal to accomplish that!

  3. Deanna says:

    That is pretty awesome Christine!!

  4. Barb says:

    THANK YOU!! Luckily I have an iphone and ipad. I’ve never bought an ibook but I’ve just purchased this bundle. I don’t have the complete set so I’m thrilled to be able to get them all.

  5. angel says:

    I am not an iTunes user. I used to be, but I hated the restrictions. I have been waiting to read this series as a whole bundle. Hopefully you end up offering it on Amazon as well.

  6. Sheryl says:

    I do not have any Apple devices but bought your eight book set on Amazon for my kindle and will buy the next book when it is available.