Breathe, baby!

Breathe, baby!

I know lots of you missed the 99c deal on Breathe.

It was 99c on preorder for weeks, but not every single one of you is on top of your email every five minutes like little neurotic me. So, I've gotten together with some great writers to do a 99c box set of Dark and Dangerous Alphas.  To be released October 13, 2015.

99c is the preorder price. Check it out.


I still have the teaser scene up on the website.
Click here to see the hot scene!

Who is in the set? Glad you asked….

Clarissa Wild, Lili Saint Germain, Nashoda Rose, Vanessa Waltz, Gemma James, Skye Warren, Skye Callahan, CD Reiss, M. Never



  1. Devine Warnes says:

    This looks awesome