Are you thinking about pre-ordering Rule? Let me entice you.

Are you thinking about pre-ordering Rule? Let me entice you.

Maybe you've seen that Rule, next in my Corruption series, will be available on August 27. Maybe you've thought to yourself that you should pre-order it, but have put it off.

Let me see if I can persuade you to pre-order Rule right this instant.

Everyone who pre-orders RULE will get a smoking hot Jonathan and Monica scene in their inbox after Rule is released!

FILL OUT THIS FORM AFTER YOU PRE-ORDER to have the scene emailed to you.

Preorder links below – August 27 release!





  1. cindy says:

    Can’t wait for Rule!!!

  2. Marie jocke says:

    I ordered mine…I can’t wait!

  3. nicole brandt says:

    so excited!!! already ordered mine!

  4. Nanette Stewart says:

    Can’t wait to get mine already order it!!! So excited!

  5. Karina says:

    Can’t wait for this!!

  6. MJ Symmonds says:

    Wahoo! Can’t wait

  7. marika nespoli says:

    Pre-ordered and can’t wait! !!! So excited

  8. […] Don’t forget – if you pre-order RULE, you can get a hot new Jonathan and Monica scene.  DETAILS HERE. […]

  9. Datev Ghianuly says:

    I pre-ordered Rule and filled out the form but I haven’t received the scene with Jonothan and Monica. When will it be emailed?

    • Christy (Site Admin) says:

      The scene will go out after RULE is released. Also – follow @jonathandrazen on Twitter. 🙂

  10. J Dolby says:

    I pre-ordered Rule and I now noticed that is available for pre-order on Amazon. My question, will the book be emailed to those who pre-ordered the same day of the Amazon release or before?