I had a call for an epilogue from some of my most beloved readers. And I resisted. I said no. Then I said maybe. Then I said, well, wouldn't it be fun if….

So I wrote it, and I was just going to post it, but you know, I got this print deal, and I couldn't just put it up and be done with it, because Shuttergirl is not fully indie.

Diversion/Ever After Books employs some of the most creative, exciting, outside-the-box thinkers in publishing. I brought them the idea of an epilogue and they jumped on it and designed a Special Edition paperback.

So the Special Edition has the epilogue in it! And it's available now!

We worked out the ins and outs of how to get it to everyone without diluting the power of the Special Special….while still maximizing the sales.

So, here's the deal.

shuttergirl teaser

I am going to SIGN and PERSONALIZE every single print Shuttergirl that comes to me, as long as it was purchased at a BN or other bricks and mortar store

1) Call your local bookstore (preferably Barnes and Noble) and if they don't have it they can order it. Pick it up and send it to me *with the receipt in it* and I'll sign it and send it back (I hope to have a little swag designed by then too. I'll stick in a Shuttergirl bookmark).
*This only counts for bricks and mortar stores. Ordering it online doesn't count…I'm sorry!
*Even if you don't get a Special Edition from the bookstore, send it and I'll send you BACK a Signed Special Edition.

2) If you bought a print book and I never signed it, send it to me, and I'll sign you a Special Edition and send it back. If I signed the book you have, I'm sorry I can't do anything with it because I already personalized it.

Bummer thing – I can only do this for US, even though the lady who inspired the epilogue (I'm looking at you Jx) lives in the UK. It would break me to do this for overseas. I'm sorry.

I'm going to put the epilogue on my website, but didn't want to dilute the Special Specialness of the Special Epilogue Edition.

So, when I get 1000 reviews cumulative on iBooks, Amazon, Nook, I'll release it to my website. We're pretty close. So if you posted a review on one retailer, post on the others and it'll count.

PS – I have a copy of the Special Edition and I'd love to post a pic but the day got away from me and now I'm stuck in Starbucks with no book.

PPS – The issue of WHERE AM I SENDING THE BOOK? is not solved because I don't want 100 envelopes on my porch and the mailbox I use might charge me a dollar per. So, when I figure this out, I'll post to this event right here:

Join the event and you'll get the info!

PPPS – Please be patient with the print books. If it takes longer to send than you expect….don't be surprised. If you've seen how I sign things, you know it takes time. There will be a deadline posted in the event for sending the book, and that will help me move things along.

PPS – The epilogue is wonderful. I love it. It's sweet and tender … and Laine…she gets the thing she's always craved her whole life.


  1. Marie Jocke says:

    this is epic. Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  2. Sandi says:

    Yeah, can’t wait. I loved Shuttergirl. I’ll definitely review it! So exciting!

  3. marika says:

    This is awesome..will get one online

  4. Donna says:

    This is amazing!!! Thanks Christine!!

  5. I’ll get my review up this weekend! You’re amazing!!!! <3 <3

  6. Karen Drummond says:

    I just received my copy of Shuttergirl today from my local BN. Where do I send it?

    Thank you.

  7. Kim says:

    OK, copied my goodreads review over to Amazon!